Panel Builders Workshop

Join us for a educational and informative symposium for Panel Builders. This jam packed session will show how to use innovative tools and accessories to make the job easier and more profitable. This session will last roughly 2 hours.

As a kick-off for the Innovations Expo, AWC will host a multi-vendor panel builder workshop exploring new technologies, best practices, and time saving techniques beginning at 3:00pm.  This workshop is design for shop floor management/personnel to become more efficient and productive with their daily activities.

Topics Include:

Enclosure Selection, Layout, and Assembly

3:00pm - 5:15pm


Speaker: Robbie Hall, Rittal


Rittal value chain. Including E-plan, the cutting machine and our assembly tables making huge increases in  panel shop productivity.

Cabinet Confidence

3:00pm - 5:15pm


Speaker: Amy Dowell, Phoenix Contact


Shop Floor Productivity: Clipproject software for terminal strips and marking equipment, Printing Equipment for various applications, Manual and Automatic tools for cutting, stripping, and crimping, DIN-rail solutions with pluggable outlets, Fast and Simple Connection with Push-In Technology, Optimum LED enclosure lighting for enhanced visibility.

Reduced Wiring and Panel Labor with IO-Link

3:00pm - 5:15pm


Speaker: John Burns, Siemens


Inside the Control Cabinet: Point-to-Point Communications, Know how push-buttons, motor starters, and function relays perform a certain function, but provide limited or no additional information?, IO-Link provides a whole lot more, but with a lot less wiring.

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